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Take our finest Italian made frames and add to our superior HDL-3C lens quality and styling for the best value on the market!

Patented HDL-3C Technology: Through tri-stimulus color contrast techniques; this scientifically advanced lens improves the eye’s capability to discriminate colors while emphasizing the chromatic differences in the visible spectrum and providing 100% UV protection (UV 400).
Improved Color: The HDL-3C lens helps the eye calibrate colors by filtering the visible spectrum causing a higher level of vision.
Improved Clarity: The HDL-3C lens is a decentered lens that has been scientifically designed to increase visibility and eliminate distortion.
Improved Comfort: The HDL-3C lens technology achieves these dynamic results without stressing the physiological vision system.

Highest Quality Italian Lens: This lens was developed and manufactured in Italy by the most innovative and one of the largest lens manufacturers in the industry.
Polycarbonate Lens: The best optical material -- lightweight and impact resistant with maximum comfort. This lens has the best optics for it is injection molded AND decentered.
Beta-Titanium Alloy Frame: This frame contains titanium, vanadium, and aluminum, which allows for the maximum strength with the best flexibility.
Hingeless Design: Lightly hugs your face without spring temples or hinges.
Rimless Frames: Drill mounted with plenty of coverage and style without the weight of frames.

The Best Italian Full Framed Metal Sunglasses: Italian craftsmen developed our metal frames with great looks that will last a long time! Most have a comfort spring hinge and all are made from the highest quality materials available.

Magnetic Clip-On Technology
The patented AV Center Mag Clip technology is developed in Japan with the highest craftmanship available. The patented center mount system combines a centering pin and dual locking magnetic technology. AV Center Mag Clip makes changing your eyewear to sun-wear in a snap. U.S. Patent No. 5,940,162.

Scratch Resistant Coating: The best coating applied to protect the lenses from scratching.
Hard Case: A hard case for your new, technologically advanced sunglasses is provided to protect your investment for your eyes!
Mirco-Fiber Sleeve: This sleeve is not only additional protection for your investment but acts as the best cloth for cleaning your sunglasses.
The Best Sun Protection: All our sunglasses provide 100% UV protection up to 400 nanometers. They are blue light and infrared effective and meet all American, Australian, and European standards (including traffic light standard).

Available in 3 lens colors:

1. Rose Lenses: Great for fast action sports, low light conditions and for those who enjoy a lighter hue everyday. Preferred by golfers, skiers, baseball players, drivers and those who demand high visual performance in all light conditions.

2. Green Lenses: Great for everyday use. Preferred by pilots, drivers, hikers, sport spectators, and general sunglass wearers. Experience extreme visual comfort with this lens, which works great in all light conditions.

3. Smoke Lenses: Great for use in bright light conditions. Preferred by those who are in direct sunlight conditions and those who are sensitive to bright light. Darkest of the tree lenses that offers our patented High Definition Lens Technology.

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